Group meeting (Thurs and Fri)

Thursday Jin/Tsai/Luk GM

September 6th Davide, 13th Patrick, 20th Simon, 27th Heather

October 4th Tom Williams, 11th Helen, 18th EMILY, 25th Victoria,
November 1st Jackie, 8th Xuefei, 15th Nicolo, 22nd Leanne, 29th Alex L

Friday Jin/Tsai/Luk/Allemann GM at 13:00 Room 0.77

PatrickStefanie Kellner‘s Nat Chem Biol on Friday July 6th.
Tom W, Gareth S and Alex NCofactor chemistry from the Fridays July 13th, 20th and 27th.
No Friday GM in August 
Victor GNucleotide analog in the first Friday Sept 7th.
Luke S and Martin Uthe work of Ashraf Brik on Friday Sept 14th (Luke) and 21st (Martin).
Luke will present the background of ubiquitin biology (E1, E2, E3 and deubiquitinase; why they are important to study?).
Martin will present peptide technologies, particularly the selective thiol deprotection and Pd chemistry. TWO of his key articles can be found here and here.
Florence Huynh will present “A new fundamental type of conformational isomerism“, a very interesting article suggested by Ruedi, on Sept 28th.
Xuefei will present “Inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Isocitrate Lyase Using Masked Electrophiles” from both an enzymology and med chem prespective on Oct 5th.
Joel Cresser-Brown will present the concept of PROTAC and the evolution of PROTAC from initial report to current development on Oct 19th.
Heather Hayes, Victoria Barlows, Jackie Chen and Emily Mills will present on the topics of cloning. They will cover on pET and pBAD gene expression system, PCR, T4 ligation system, Golden Gate, Gibson Assembly, SDS-PAGE and Western Blot on Oct 26th and Nov 2nd and 9th.
Mindaugas Edvardas Kalvaitis will present the superfamily of radical SAM and an example of publication on Nov 16th.

Huw Pople will present “Enzyme Cascades in Whole Cells for the Synthesis of Chiral Cyclic Amines” on Nov 23th. Importantly, he will go through and comment the concept of this article.

Special treats on Nov 30th.

Raquel, Gwawr, Alan – Fungi and eukaryotic cell culturing techniques. TBC