Group meeting (Thurs and Fri)


September 10th Victoria, 17th Emily, 24th Davide C and Davide Z 

October 1st Patrick, 8th XueFei, 15th Simon, 22nd Alex N 29th Alex L

Nov 5th Helen, 12th Heather, 19th Tom Williams, 26 Luke Spear

Dec 3th Nicolo, 10th MuGa, 17th ZuYan

Friday Jin/Tsai/Luk/Allemann GM at 13:00 Room 0.77

February 8th, 15th and 22nd: X-ray crystallography by Yi, Alan, Patrick, Alex N., Nicolo

March 1st:  by Alan Scott. A protein functionalization platform based on selective reactions at methionine residues

March 8th: Presentation by Dr Fabrizio Alberti at Beverton 1.40 13:00. Biosynthetic studies on fungal (mero)terpenoids

March 15th, 22nd, and Apr 5th: Retrosynthesis by Antonio, Alice, Jennifer B and Gwawr D

March 29th: Professor Sijbren Otto (RSC 2018 Supramolecular Chemistry Award Winner) from the University of Groningen in SCLT. 

April 12th: by Prabhakar Srivastava. Integrative genomic mining for enzyme function to enable engineering of a non-natural biosynthetic pathway

April 26th: by Emily Mills. Mitochondria (Bio)chemistry, Targeting and Engineering.

May 3rd: by Xuefei. Hachimoji DNA and RNA.

May 10th: by Molly Partridge and Louis Luk. Pint of Science practice.

May 17th: No meeting

May 24th: by Gareth Smith. Endocytosis: Concept, importance and techniques.

May 31st: by Dr Fabio Parmeggiani, BrisSynBio Research fellow. “Designing modular protein architectures”

June 7th: by Simon. Roles of Compartmentalisation in Biology.

June 14th: by Victoria. CRISPR in Gene Therapy.

June 21st: Coffee break

TBA. by Davide Z. Exploring Sugar Uptake and Metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

to be presented:

to be presented:

to be presented: