Group meeting (Thurs and Fri)


Apr 7th Simon, 14th Partick, 21st Alex N, 28th Alex L
May 5th Heather, 12th Thomas, 19th Luke S 26th Muge
June 2nd ZuYan, 9th Emily 16th Davide Z, 23rd Davide C, 30th Gareth S

Friday Jin/Tsai/Luk/Allemann GM at 13:00 Room 0.77

Feb 7th Simon Tang: Fungal indole alkaloid biogenesis through evolution of a bifunctional reductase/Diels–Alderase

Feb 14th Jenny Benton: A marine viral halogenase that iodinates diverse substrates

Feb 21st Emily Mills: Role of Albumin in Accumulation and Persistence of Tumor-Seeking Cyanine Dyes

Feb 28th Huw Pople: Conversion of Escherichia coli to Generate All Biomass Carbon from CO2

Mar 6th Alex Lander: Genome-wide CRISPR–Cas9 screening reveals ubiquitous T cell cancer targeting via the monomorphic MHC class I-related protein MR

Mar 13th GAME

Apr 10th Davide Cardella: A Deep Learning Approach to Antibiotic Discovery

Apr 17th Victoria Barlow

Apr 24th Thomas Williams

May 1st Luke Spear

May 8th Sara Royo

May 15th Muge Ma

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