Group meeting (Thurs and Fri)


January 3rd Victoria, 10th Emily, 17th Davide, 24th Patrick, 31st Jackie

February 7th Elliot, 14th Sham, 21st Charlotte, 28th Rhodri

March 7th Xuefei, 14th Simon, 21st Alex N, 28th Alex L

Apr 4th Helen, 11th MChem practice, 18st Heather, 25th Tom Williams

May 2nd Luke Spear, 9th Nicolo (CCC practice), 16th (no meeting), 23rd Victoria, 28th Emily

June 4th XiaoTing Meng, 11th Davide Z, 18th Davide C, 25th Patrick

July 2nd Simon, 9th Xuefei , 16th Alex N, 23th Alex L

Friday Jin/Tsai/Luk/Allemann GM at 13:00 Room 0.77

February 8th, 15th and 22nd: X-ray crystallography by Yi, Alan, Patrick, Alex N., Nicolo

March 1st:  by Alan Scott. A protein functionalization platform based on selective reactions at methionine residues

March 8th: Presentation by Dr Fabrizio Alberti at Beverton 1.40 13:00. Biosynthetic studies on fungal (mero)terpenoids

March 15th, 22nd, and Apr 5th: Retrosynthesis by Antonio, Alice, Jennifer B and Gwawr D

March 29th: Professor Sijbren Otto (RSC 2018 Supramolecular Chemistry Award Winner) from the University of Groningen in SCLT. 

April 12th: by Prabhakar Srivastava. Integrative genomic mining for enzyme function to enable engineering of a non-natural biosynthetic pathway

April 26th: by Emily Mills. Mitochondria (Bio)chemistry, Targeting and Engineering.

May 3rd: by Xuefei. Hachimoji DNA and RNA.

May 10th: by Molly Partridge and Louis Luk. Pint of Science practice.

May 17th: No meeting

May 24th: by Gareth Smith. Endocytosis: Concept, importance and techniques.

May 31st: by Dr Fabio Parmeggiani, BrisSynBio Research fellow. “Designing modular protein architectures”

June 7th: by Simon. Roles of Compartmentalisation in Biology.

June 14th: by Victoria. CRISPR in Gene Therapy.

June 21st: Coffee break

TBA. by Davide Z. Exploring Sugar Uptake and Metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

to be presented:

to be presented:

to be presented: