Office Cleaning
Every Monday at 11:00
Both personal (desk) and communal areas (microwave, fridge, sink, bench) need to be tidied up

Organic Lab
Every Friday at 15:00

Every Monday at 11:00

Current Rota
Mar 19: Simon, Tom

Mar 26: Luke, Sanjay
Apr 2: Simon, Nicolo
Apr 9: Tom, Alex
Apr 16: Rob B, Simon

Apr 23: Tom, Patrick
Apr 30: Sanjay, Helen
May 7: Helen, Sanjay
May 14: Nicolo, Luke

May 21: Patrick, Emily

(person in bold is responsible for order and purchasing)

Group 2 Rota
Member: Erasmus and MChem students
– Stack tips when pipette tip boxes are empty
– Replace water in water bath monthly

Organic Lab

For everyone

  • Weekly cleaning every Friday


Job list   Asset Number
Nanodrop Helen
Cooling cabinet 4 oC Helen
Milli-Q Helen
Oryx 4 Robot Helen
Leica Microscope Helen
Formulatrix imager Helen
-80 freezer Louis, Yu-Hsuan, Jin 00722
Microwave                                                       (equipment area 3) Emily N/A
Thermocycler left                                          (equipment area 3) Emily 01897
Thermocycler right                                      (equipment area 3) Emily
PCR tube centrifuge                                      (equipment area 3) Emily N/A
heat block                                                        (equipment area 3) Emily N/A
power supply for electrophoresis x2        (running gel area) Emily 03538 + 01902
electrophoresis tanks for SDS-PAGE x2    (running gel area) Emily N/A
electrophoresis tanks for agarose gel x2 (running gel area) Emily N/A
Blue light transilluminator for DNA gels  (running gel area) Emily 03535
Water bath for transformation Nicolo 01786
VWR Incubating Shaker Nicolo 03532
Rockers (for Coomassie Staining) Nicolo 03533
Ultrasonic water bath cleaner Nicolo N/A
Balance (crude) Nicolo 03542
Balance (accurate) Nicolo 03543
Balance (up to 2 kg) Nicolo
hot plates Nicolo N/A
pH meter Nicolo N/A
Bunsen Burner x 4 Nicolo N/A
High-speed centrifuge Patrick
Hettich centrifuge Patrick 03540
VWR refrigerated microcentrifuge            (equipment area 1) Patrick 03534
VWR microcentrifuge                                    (equipment area 2) Patrick 03539
FPLC column (16/60 S75 S200) Sanjay & Patrick
Q-sepharose Sanjay & Patrick
Amicon (New) Sanjay & Patrick
FPLC Bio-Rad Sanjay & Patrick 03529, 03528
FPLC Akta Sanjay & Patrick 00689
Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Gel Imager Sanjay & Patrick 03982
Bio-Rad Trans-Blot Sanjay & Patrick 03983
Benchtop autoclave Simon
Autoclave Simon
Sonicator for lysing cells Simon
VWR benchtop Shaker Tom
Benchtop Shaker 2 Tom
Eppendorf ThermoMixer Tom 03531
Vortex-Genie 2 Tom N/A
SLS Vortexer Tom N/A
Shimatzu UV-Vis Tom
Legionnaire Control Katharina Hoeffgen
Innova 44R Shaker (bottom) Victoria
Innova S44R Eppendorf Shaker (top) Victoria
37 oC plate oven Victoria
50 oC drying oven Victoria
BMG Plate Reader Victoria
Thermo Stirring plate 2L (at 4 oC) Heather
Thermo Stirring plate 4L (at 4 oC) Heather
Amicon Stirred cell 50 mL (at 4 oC) Heather
AKTA Star left Heather
AKTA Star right Heather